Thanks for you interest in featuring our premium, handmade cigars!

We have a twin sales and marketing opportunity: and

You can learn more about PartyDigest here:

If we work together on cigars, all pre- and post-event coverage for your event in PartyDigest is FREE!!!! (A $1,500 value!)

Now, here is the proposal on how we work the cigars:

I’m sure by now you have heard all the buzz about the Hamptons Cigar Manufactory & Museum and you have either smoked the “Enigma” Segar or know somebody that has!

In any event, here is one local news clip:

And here is a review by a leading cigar expert:

Here is a video review of the “Enigma” Segar:

Bottom line: We need to cover our costs of coming out so once we sell one box worth of cigars ($240) we can gift you One 5-Pack of our Enigma Segar ($100 value!). Once we start selling beyond the first box, depending on how much business we do, we can offer you between 10-15% of all our sales beyond the first box!!!! Cigar sticks only. Not merchandise.

We have been doing similar revenue share “arrangements” with others.

Take a look:


Our hosts love us because with their share of the proceeds, they can pay their vendors or tips at the end of their show! So, yes, by that time, the organizer is running around with their head chopped off, but they know where the piggybank is to grab that cash!!!!!

Our “Enigma” Segar is selling like hot cakes! We made a batch of 50 boxes (1,000 cigars) in a beautiful barrel and now we are down to just 7 boxes. Phew! Don’t worry our factory has an order to triple the production!

Note to self: Cigars, if marketed correctly and with cigar etiquette – by a seasoned and consummate on-site person at the event that can tell the story and be a cigar guru – can work very well to break the ice. It helps to create instant bonds – between smokers and non smokers alike! Makes the event memorable! Everybody has a story about their favorite grandfather who smoked cigars on the porch!!!!!

Some of our event organizers or hosts will buy “starter packs” to give out to VIPs or the first day 20 people that RSVP or create a social media buzz or other call to action campaigns. We deeply discount these packs which come in 5s depending on how many packs you order.

Some event organizers purchase cigars (or get a member to buy on behalf of the charity as a donation) to give out as gifts as well. We can discount those sticks as well.

Then there are others who love the idea of a cigar roller and cigar rolling demos with contests such as which guest rolls the best cigar etc and that keeps people excited and to stay until the very end of the event! Some organizers also like to get a few boxes to be handed out as prizes for the cigar rolling competition or the worst golf shot of the day! (Yes, worst!)

Typically, small non-cigar related events (75 ppl and up) will want to have a #CigarPopUp with us so we are working as a key partner to your guests enjoyment and event success.

In this scenario: We bring a nice cigar lounge like atmosphere to your event by bringing the cigars (of course!), posters, collateral, ash trays, cigar lighters, matches and exciting new promotions or news about our cigars. We also do signage.

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