is now an approved merchant with PayPal and sells premium cigars through its secure and blue-chip credit-card processing system, it was announced today.

After an thorough compliance process, PayPal has chosen Hamptons Cigar Manufactory & Museum to be among a handful of cigar companies that are allowed to sell premium, high-end cigars to discerning PayPal customers globally. is an online store licensed to sell cigars and cigar-related accessories and products and complies with all U.S. and international tobacco and tax laws pertaining to sale and shipping of tobacco products.

“PayPal works with us as we are fully compliant to ensure age requirement is met and we have the various checks and balances in place throughout the website to substantiate each sale to ensure all laws are upheld in every transaction,” said Lak Singh, Founder & President, Hamptons Cigar Manufactory & Museum. “In addition to these stringent checks, we maintain a close personal business relationship with each and every seller and verify their identity through social media as well as phone and text messages and require customers to provide additional proof, such as a business card or e-mail address that confirms the purchasers’ identity, among other things.” he added.

The Sag Harbor, NY-based cigar company takes all precautions to make sure that the purchaser is a real adult, over 21 years of age, and ensures detailed confirmation to make sure there are no chargebacks or dissatisfied customers.

In a released statement, PayPal also reiterated the company would “block the ability to accept payments from student account users” who are underage to buy tobacco, a move that was welcomed by our company.

“We do not sell mass-market and only promote and sell to a pre-defined audience of customers that we interact personally at events or tradeshows or parties or through referrals only,” said Singh. The company rarely pays to advertise in newspapers, magazines or general public audience cigar related publications. The company produces a very expensive cigar and markets only to Cigar Aficianados that can afford to spend $25 on a premium, handmade cigar that sells for $300 a box!

“Reputation is very critical in high-value luxury sales and we take all steps to make sure the business grows through reputable and word-of-mouth sales only. At this time we choose very carefully if and when we sell retail or to the general public at large,” added Singh.

The company was approached by Venmo and other credit card processing services but prefers to do business with PayPal because it is secure and discreet. There have never been any transactional issues pertaining to our client and PayPal or the mutual customers therein.

“Our team monitors all traffic to our website and all orders. We only produce a limited quantity of cigars at any given amount of time and we sell to a very upscale and distinguished clientele that prefers to use PayPal as well to do business,” added Singh.

“Many of our clients are celebrities and they love PayPal because it is so discreet,” concluded Singh.

Hamptons Cigar Manufactory & Museum celebrates the #discreetsmoke experience and invites you to to take a journey with us at one of our #CigarVillas in the Hamptons, Cartagena, Santo Domingo or Dubai.

For additional information, please contact Lak Singh, 917-348-0994 or




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