Sag Harbor Enigma Segar Double Robusto Cigar Review

IMG_0772It wasn’t that long ago when Larry Lak, the founder and  owner of the Hamptons Cigar Manufactory and Museum, contacted me to talk about his latest project, a cigar museum on the east end of Long Island, N.Y.. I was intrigued enough to write an article on it and after publishing it, Larry contacted me to say thanks and we discussed his complimentary project the Sag Harbor “Enigma” Segar. He noted that he just received shipment of the of this new blend and was excited to talk about it. The history of the this cigar goes back to the 1870s when Mr. Joseph Freudenthal, a local Sag Harbor resident, operated a local cigar factory. Mr. Freudenthal created a special blend  from Virginia and Cuban tobacco called the “Enigma Segar”.  Why the name Enigma? Well, according to the Hamptons Cigar Manufactory and Museum Facebook page:

“Mr Freudenthal created a special blend from Virginia and Cuban tobacco, called the “Enigma Segar” which he named after the Enigma Club of 1869 where “…only unmarried white males of good moral character, in sound and body, and at least 21 years of age were eligible for membership…”
Their motto: Honesty, Brotherly Love and Mutual Enjoyment.”

Larry sent me some samples of this new cigar to review and here I am today giving you a detailed report of what I discovered. First off, the Sag Harbor Enigma Segar is packaged in a very unique box that is not really a box at all, but rather a wooden barrel like your might see on an old sailing ship. The barrel  is cut length wise and hinged on the edge with a brass clasp. When opened it reveals the hidden treasure of 20 Enigma Segars. The barrel is finished in a aqua blue color with the company logo emblazoned on the edge an extra-large version of the band on the inside lid. It also comes with a laid linen card providing the history of the Enigma Segar.

Packaging is impressive, but it all comes down to product performance. So how does the Sag Harbor Enigma Segar perform you ask? Let’s take a closer look.

To start with, the cigar comes in only one vitola; a 5.5 x 54 Double Robusto  with a velvety smooth, light tan, almost claro, Connecticut wrapper. Fillers and Binder are from the Dominican Republic. The cap is perfectly  applied and the cigar is adorned with a light blue, gold , and white band which has an  an old school look to it. The words Engima Segar in all caps wraps along the top with “circa 1870” below. In the center is a whaling ship symbolizing the whaling industry of Sag Harbor back in the day. Below the ship is the company name and website. On  the sides of the band are circles with the words Double Robusto Cigars printed inside.

I like the feel of this cigar in my hand. It is well packed  with no soft spots along the barrel. Running the Sag Harbor Enigma Segar along the nose I pick up mostly sweet hay with a hint of red pepper. After slicing the cap, the cold draw is nicely opened, not heavily restricted but not wide open either. Certainly has all the makings of being a slow burning smoke.  I pick up a touch of red pepper on my lips and some earth on the draw.

Time to start the ignition on this. Since it is a Connecticut wrapper I choose to use a cedar spill to do the heating of the foot, as I know a torch would scorch this wrapper,  especially if one is not careful.  The ignition goes well and there is a decent amount of smoke production to start. There is pepper primarily in the retro-hale but not so much that it burns the nasal cavity. The smoke on the palate is creamy and settles into a buttery flavor mixed with am evolving Connecticut bitterness.

I like how the wrapper is developing oils right from the start. The ash is medium grey, almost salt and pepper, in color and the burn line is thick. My tongue picks up a coffee note is it runs over the head the cigar and the smoke is showing more signs of butter with a diminished bitter flavor. The smoke on this has the prefect density for blowing smoke rings – thick and creamy!

By the end of 1st third my nose picks up a  wonderful floral aroma wafting off the foot while the ash is holding tight. There is still a hint of the bitterness as more profound graham cracker note enters along with a refreshing citrus.

Into the 2nd third  the bitterness fades out and a sweet almond note appears. So far this is a solid medium strength cigar. The ash is still holding tight as it moves toward the band. You know one of the most famous Long Island residents was Teddy Roosevelt. His father use to force him to smoke cigars and shew tobacco when he was young. He never smoked cigars when he was an adult but he may have enjoyed the Sag Harbor Enigma Segar!

After the band is removed and the burn moves into the final third, a cedar note enters with a long citrus finish to complete the profile. The strength suddenly shifted to full and as I got up it hit me like a ton of bricks, wow where did that come from! I have to admit I got a bit woozy and had to drink some water. Not many cigars do that to me and less than a handful of Connecticut’s. It just goes to show again that wrapper shade is not always indicative of strength.

Overall, the Sag Harbor Enigma Segar – Double Robusto is a very well constructed cigar that offers a pleasurable smoking experience with fine flavor transitions and is not your everyday Connecticut wrapped cigar. The construction quality was evident in the extra long ash and straight burn line throughout. The smoke was full  and it lasted a good 90  minutes. I would suggest you may want to eat something before your take this one to the nub.

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